Important dates for 2020

21-Jan-2020: December BAS/IAS due
28-Jan-2020: December Quarter Super due

21-Feb-2020: January BAS/IAS due
25-Feb-2020: December Quarter BAS due

23-Mar-2020: February BAS/IAS due

21-Apr-2020: March BAS/IAS due
28-Apr-2020: March Quarter Super due

21-May-2020: April BAS/IAS due
26-May-2020: March Quarter BAS due

23-Jun-2020: May BAS/IAS due

21-Jul-2020: June BAS/IAS due
28-Jul-2020: June Quarter Super due

25-Aug-2020: June Quarter BAS due

The due dates are the date that the BAS or IAS is to be lodged AND paid by. Lodging or paying after the due date may lead the interest charges on your BAS account.

More information on due dates can be found on the ATO website.

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