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To make things easier for our clients, to give you tools and news to help your business we have an app.StreamlinedQR

The easiest way to install it is to use the QR code. If you’re not sure how, we have instructions below.

⇒ Install a QR code scanner.

If you have a QR code scanner installed, skip to the next step.

To install a QR code scanner, go to the Google Play, or Apple store on your phone or tablet.  Search for “QR code scanner”, or if you prefer, we use “Lightning QR” and you can search directly for that.

⇒ Scan the Streamlined QR code

Screenshot_20190529-154219_Lightning QROpen the QR scanning app, it may ask for permission to use the camera, which you’ll need to allow for the it to work.

There will be a screen like the one on the right, The code needs to be in the white box, once it is, the scanner will automatically search for the app.screenshot_20190529-144745_lightning-qr-e1559195470644.jpg

It will take a moment, then the screen will update.

When you can see the screen on the left, click the option to “Open link“. This will take you to Google Play or Apple store to the “MyAccountants” app.


⇒ Installing the App

Once the “MyAccountants” app is installed, it will prompt you to create your account by entering your email.
Screenshot_20190530-170456_MyAccountants After you’ve entered you will be taken to the Streamlined Books app screen. Screenshot_20190502-151941_MyAccountants

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